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Smart shops. Smart experiences.

We are setting the pace for early-stage and late-stage ventures with functional and smart e-commerce website designs; developed using hybrid protocols. Businesses will see content and commerce coming together for optimal performance and better buying experience in the super-Digital space.

Our Portfolio

Using latest technologies and 100% satisfaction guarantees, we ensure that we always bring out the best of your brand.


Our Packages

Elite E-Commerce Package

Suitable for mid sized startups/enterprises who are looking to take it on the next level and grow their businesses at a much faster pace with a strong brand presence.

£3499| £6998

  • By 6 Award Winning Designers
  • Icon Design
  • UNLIMITED Revisions
  • Print Media
  • Stationary Design (BusinessCard,Letterhead & Envelope)
  • Invoice Design, Email Signature
  • Bi-Fold Brochure (OR) 2 Sided Flyer Design
  • Product Catalog Design
  • Signage Design (OR) Label Design
  • T-Shirt Design (OR) Car Wrap Design
  • Website
  • E-Commerce Store Design
  • Product Detail Page Design
  • Unique Banner Slider
  • Featured Products Showcase
  • Full Shopping Cart Integration
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Product Rating & Reviews
  • Easy Product Search
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Content Management System
  • Customer Log-in Area
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Social Media Plugins Integration
  • Tell a Friend Feature
  • Social Media Pages
  • Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, Google+ & Pinterest Page Designs
  • Value Added Services
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • All Final File Formats

Automated E-Commerce Package

Suitable for strong/mid/large sized enterprises and startups who are looking to work with a strong R&D, Creative and Marketing team to help select every element towards their branding, create strong digital marketing and brand presence strategies and to compete with mid/large level enterprises to grow at faster pace and start off directly at the start of the food chain.

£6999| £13998

  • Custom Content Management System (CMS)
  • Unique Pages and UI Design
  • Complete Custom Development
  • Process Automation Tools
  • Newsfeed Integration
  • Social Media Plugins Integration
  • Upto 40 Stock images
  • 10 Unique Banner Designs
  • JQuery Slider
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Free Google Friendly Sitemap
  • Custom Email Addresses
  • Social Media Page Designs (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Complete W3C Certified HTML
  • Complete Deployment
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Automated Inventory/Shipping/Supplier Module:
  • Manage thousands to millions of inventory with ease and check stock levels in real-time. Receive low inventory notifications and generate purchase orders to replenish your stock.
  • Suppliers Integration (API NEEDED)
  • Shipper Integration (API NEEDED)
  • Order management
  • LOT numbers and expire date tracking
  • Transfer stock between warehouses (If Warehouse - API NEEDED)
  • Receive stock into a specific warehouse (If Warehouse - API NEEDED)
  • Fulfill orders from a particular warehouse (If Warehouse - API NEEDED)
  • Stock Management
  • Actionable Insights
  • Real- Time Visibility
  • Inventory Opportunities
  • Advanced Features: (API Needed For Suppliers/Warehouse)
  • Speak to suppliers during trivial conversations.
  • Set and send actions to suppliers regarding governance and compliance materials. Place purchasing requests.
  • Research and answer internal questions regarding procurement functionalities or a supplier/supplier set.
  • Receiving/filing/documentation of invoices and payments/order requests
  • Machine Learning (ML) for Supply Chain Planning (SCP)
  • Machine Learning for Warehouse Management
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Data Cleansing and Building Data Robustness
  • Automated Invoices & Estimates
  • Create beautiful, professional invoices & estimates in just a few seconds and then instantly email them as PDF's directly to your customers or prospects.
  • Automated Split invoicing
  • Automated Combine invoices
  • Invoice templates
  • Automated Barcode Scanning
  • Scan inventory into your orders, generate barcodes for your documents, and search for inventory or documents by scanning barcodes.
  • Locations and Zones
  • Have multiple warehouses, offices, or retail stores? No problem. Easily track where all your inventory is by organizing everything into locations and zones. Organize inventory items using custom attributes such as size, color, and location. View how many you have globally or at each location.
  • Customer Accounts
  • Performance and analytics
  • Customization of Personal Details
  • Process management
  • Sales Automation
  • Team Collaboration
  • Marketing Automation
  • Security
  • Integrations
  • Mobile Notifications
  • Sales Reports
  • Trend Analytics
  • Forecasting
  • Territory Management
  • Account Management
  • Event Integration
  • Advanced Data Security
  • Purchase Orders
  • With integrated purchase orders, you can easily replenish your inventory levels by ordering more stock and even track when those new items will arrive.
  • Partial orders fulfill
  • Backordering
  • Financial Reports
  • Generate extremely detailed reports for your inventory, sales and services. Filter your reports by date-range and category to see what's making you the most money.

Custom E Commerce Marketplace Package

Suitable for strong marketplaces where clients can come, sell their products and customers can come and puchase where you make commision out of every sale being done through the portal with multiple revenue models. Includes a strong R&D, Creative and Marketing team to help select every element towards their branding, create strong digital marketing and brand presence strategies.

£4999| £10000

  • Unique Pages and UI Design
  • Complete Custom Development
  • Newsfeed Integration
  • Social Media Plugins Integration
  • Advanced Ecommerce Marketplace Features
  • Inventory Management
  • CRM (Customer Relation Management System)
  • Advanced Admin Features 2.0
  • Advanced User Features
  • Dashboard and Analytics
  • Seller/Shipping Distribution
  • Seller Profile Management
  • User Profile Management
  • General Configuration Features
  • Revenue Models
  • Featured products
  • Google advertisements
  • Flash sales Module
  • Loyalty Rewards Module
  • Upto 40 Stock images
  • 10 Unique Banner Designs
  • JQuery Slider
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Free Google Friendly Sitemap
  • Social Media Page Designs (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Complete W3C Certified HTML
  • Complete Deployment
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Love AirHme Team


It was hard for us to meet someone who could match our pace, our ideas and someone who could think out of the box like us...Keeping it short. I finally collaborated with a team of brilliant minds. I've never come across a talent pool with so much energy and free flow of ideas. The AF is honestly good AF***. Grab on the train and enjoy the ride with them.



I had been trying to find an agency to help me with an application like Uber. Jim from Webignitesnot only helped me with creating the application for my business but also guided me with a visionary idea that is helping me get the boost my business needs in this competitive industry. 100% recommended. Great consultation. Visionary ideas.

Jack Wayne


"Six months ago it was hard for us to imagine Stacker Cracker outcome being anything but another disaster in a string of near high impact corporate fatalities. We had just come off of not one but two awful experiences with app development companies. Our first experience left us with a half finished product and a programmer who was trying to strong arm us into more money for a product that his company could not complete for any amount of money. Our second experience left our product in a worse state than the first experience. Then enter Webignites...With this group, we have had an incredible experience; timelines actually being met, creative collaborations, and a very willing staff to work through our issues all along the way. A quote from our President, 'We finally have the product we have been trying to finish for over a year. I'm proud to show it to my friends, family and colleagues where in the past I was embarrassed. Webignites has exceeded our expectations and showed us what working with professionals was like.'"

Your Wish On


Our collaboration with The Webigniteswas our first step towards providing online mobility of our services. Their resources were highly experienced and were willing to go out of the way to help our project get off the background. Glad to hear they are a one-stop solution that provides anything you can think of digitally.



We love our app. The App Founder did an excellent job. We were looking for create a game which will also represent some of our community aspects and the Webignitesmade our dreams come into reality. The App works perfect and we are getting a huge influx of audience. Initially we have had some bad experience from different companies but we wanted to make an app and took our last chance but it turned into gold when Webignitesteam stepped in and did got the job done.Thank you so much for all the efforts that you guys have done. Looking forward to do many projects in the future.



Printful was founded in 2013, and we can certainly give a major credit to The Webignitesin our success. From designing to maintaining, The Webigniteshave been hand-in-hand with us throughout. If you're looking to grow your business, The Webignitesis definitely your FIRST CHOICE. We are even more motivated to work with them and continue to grow our business relationship with them.

Tamkeen Care


We came to theses guys only saying we need a basic APP and we only gave these guys our working information, logo and some pictures of our products which they asked. They talked with us, gave us ideas on how to make things better and in the end gave us a beautiful APP which we were not even able to imagine. our business Our Clients are Very Very Happy with Mike and his team. Our APP works in both English and Arabic and we are very happy with it. Visit our APP Tamkeen Care and look for yourself.



We wanted a simple, user friendly and addicting game, timeframe was limited and miraculously Webignitescame to our rescue, developed the game in the given time frame and it was even better than what we had expected. We are currently working on 2 more games with them and definitely looking to do more business with Webignites, they will never let you down. Excellent communication, Experienced Developers and timely update, this is what pushes me to keep coming back to Webignites

Game developed for my company: Color Jumper


We are a business based in the low country that uses simple machines and technological devices to reinforce the STEM curriculum for interactive fun and discoveries. We wanted to step our game up and get a game created that would help develop young minds. We reached out to a few development teams however the prices were way out of our reach and this is exactly when we found out about the offer that AppFounders had for us. The pricing is incredibly reasonable compared to their competitors with zero compromise over the quality and efficiency of their work!! To be honest, we were not expecting such a level of flexibility that could fit the way we worked. Kudos to the team for timely execution and strongly recommended for companies that are tired of overpriced services on the web!!

Dragon Force


Woah, what an exciting ride this has been. From just imagining having a game of my own to making it a reality. Webignitesare truly the best at making your visions come into reality. The time I reached out to them I was just expecting something basic but these guys hands down were the best. From multiple brainstorming sessions to improvising every idea that was thrown at them. These guys are ahead of time. Just share your idea and let these magicians work. Pleasure working with the Webigniteswas a really exceptional experience from start to finish. I would definitely work with them again. Very soon.

IK - Managing Partner


We just wanted to come up with a simple application that could help with car tuning. We did not think that it was at all possible to make this app look like what it is right now. They call it something like photorealistic virtual car tuning feature. It was THEIR Idea. Their efforts are extremely commendable. I have no words to put out there for The Webignites The way they've set this up is very exciting. I have customers upgrading to full subscriptions after using it for once or twice. It's amazing what they did for us and we're glad to partner with them.

Coin Gecko


This kind of platform is not easy to develop and finding the right team for such large project where we have to fetch data of thousands of cryptos from centralized source of blockchain and still maintaining the speed and security was our main concern. Use of the AI was another factor we were searching for. With the Webignites, experience got better as their R&D division is well qualified to recommend ideas based on industry research such as idea of Earn Crypto integrated on our platform right now. Today Coingecko is known around the world and we would say it was combined effort with the Webignites, without them it would have been difficult to execute high quality platform with alot of great ideas for market capturing. Great Job.

Khaled Alotaibi and Abdulaziz Al Loughani


More than 2 decades ago we had a mission to create a platform which can allow people to order food from any restaurant under a single roof. We had a plan, we had investment, we even had a mission but we lacked vision. That is when we found The Webignites, they had a vision for us which now makes us one of the most prestigious food delivery service provider in the Middle East. They did not only help us with creating an application, they helped us set a complete business strategy and construct our business model. Our overall experience with The Webignites has been 'Delicious', and we would recommend them to most businesses out there. Their vision lifted our mission which gave us a turning point to the road to success.

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